Getting customer experience right is mission critical. We offer three services that will super-charge your CX Program: Customer Experience Program Evaluations, Consulting, and Customer Experience Workshops.


As consultants, CX Pilots works in partnership with ambitious people, enabling them to raise their organization’s Customer Experience performance. CX Pilots helps each of its clients to find the most pragmatic quick-win solutions to their unique business’s CX challenges and problems.


Our consulting aim is simple. It’s not to manufacture unnecessarily bloated strategic deliverables and drop them off at the door; it’s to find and share our most valuable experiences with you—those that are most relevant to you and those that encourage individual and team performance improvements through the setting of clear objectives.


Our CX Program Consulting helps our clients understand their holistic CX ecosystem by focusing on these eight dimensions:


  • Assessing current state with the purpose of creating momentum.
  • Devising individual CX strategy aligned to your organization’s DNA.
  • Developing strong Customer Awareness research capabilities to help you better understand who your customers are and how your CX Program strategy can best meet their needs across all relevant channels.
  • Developing the right CX Design practices to help you serve the customers that matter most to you.
  • Designing CX Program Operational approaches to help your organization execute on the most pragmatic quick win “pilots” and capitalize on each.
  • Creating the right Performance Measurement and Management approaches to help you keep your CX program and the employees/teams that work on them, on track.
  • Create the right level of CX Governance and support to sustain the work of the organization’s customer satisfaction practices long after the program is off the ground.
  • Create and maintain the most engaging CX Cultures of Accountability that help people want to work beyond their job description in the service of more valuable and expansive contributions toward sustained customer experience goals.


While all these dimensions are necessary to keep your organization’s CX machine humming, we are very practical in how we apply them. We’ve never applied all the dimensions at once. Instead, we help our clients take these on one step at a time, in smaller “pilots” that make the most sense, in their own time.