Customer Experience Program Evaluations

Getting customer experience right is mission critical. We offer three services that will super-charge your CX Program: Customer Experience Program Evaluations, Consulting, and Customer Experience Workshops.


Customer Experience Program Evaluations—the first of our services—will give you a better understanding of how well your current programs are working and pinpoint the areas where you most need to improve.


Using someone else’s generic assessments to determine the strength of your CX foundation no longer works—in fact, it never did. Your people, channels, processes and customers make your organization unique, and so should be your approach to figuring out how to best satisfy your customers.


We’ve developed a better way for companies to evaluate the maturity of their Customer Experience programs by asking the right questions to evaluate all the critical dimensions affecting a true CX quotient and polling enough of the right people (with the most valuable knowledge) up and down the power chain and across business units.


CX Pilots is unique in that it can quickly design comprehensive Customer Experience Program Evaluations tailored to your company – detailing exactly where your organization is and where it needs to go next. Our Customer Experience Program Evaluations will help you quickly isolate the vital few concerns vs. the trivial many. Within a few weeks you’ll know precisely where you stand and the best possible next steps to pilot.