CX Workshops: The Institute for Customer and Employee Value

We have merged all workshops and training into The Institute for Customer and Employee Value.

In addition to the Institute’s workshop and training opportunities, we offer three services that focused on improving your CX Program. Customer Experience Program Evaluations, Consulting, and Customer Experience Workshops through the Institute.


The Institute for Customer and Employee Value delivers informative, interesting and engaging ways to learn about CX Program Management. The difference? It focuses on delivering value in the context of your organization. They are successful because they’re highly-immersive, interactive, and practical. Workshop participants graduate from these modules with hands-on, ready-to-use knowledge, tools and confidence to move forward.


The Institute’s nine workshops:


  • What is a Customer Experience Program and Why It’s Now Mission Critical Wonder why everyone is now talking about customer experience and Customer Success (CX)? This class will lay out the state of Customer Experience and show why 90% of companies are adopting CX programs. We’ll talk about what CX programs are, how they’re managed and how they will contribute to your bottom line. This workshop provides the foundational basis for the rest of the workshops. If you’re in the earlier stages of CX at your company, or haven’t started yet, we recommend this one first. 
  • CX Program Value: How to Build Your CX Program Foundation This workshop teaches you how to develop the first steps in a thriving CX program. It focuses on helping companies determine how to plant the right seeds that lead to CX program success. This workshop also helps to unlock the secrets to gain funding for CX programs by attaching business outcomes through Proof of Value models.
  • CX Maturity Assessments: Assessing CX Maturity for Your Unique Org  This workshop is designed to support those leaders who need to evaluate where their current-state CX program is today and to pinpoint where to apply momentum toward mastery. Participants will co-design a customized CX Program Assessment with CX Pilots and learn how to isolate and address priority steps to see significant enhancements fast. 
  • CX Program Value: This workshop is for those who need to learn how to tie Customer Experience programs to revenue, how to establish a business case for a CX program or how to think like the CFO in the development of your CX program. Invite your manager and members of Finance to this workshop and we’ll help you illustrate why investing in CX programs can be one of the smartest investments your company can make.
  • Customer Journey Mapping:  This workshop is ideal for those tasked with understanding the relationship between people and your company’s multi-channel touchpoints. If you need to understand how to journey map, this workshop will empower any CX practitioner to achieve confidence, agility and efficiency in their CX mapping and design activities. In this workshop, we’ll also cover employee journey mapping concepts.
  • CX Program Design: How to Design the Right CX Program This workshop is ideal for larger groups who want to understand how to design an executable CX Program specific to their organization. This five-day workshop will teach participants how to design a program that incorporates strategy (day one), research (day two), design (day three), performance and governance (day four), and culture preparedness (day five).
  • CX Program Build: How to Construct and Integrate the Right CX Program This workshop is an ideal follow-up to the “How to Design the Right CX Program Workshop.” Participants will learn more about the Operations aspects of successfully integrating CX programs. This workshop places a heavy emphasis on executing organizational design and risk-management/mitigation strategies to increase the odds of a rapid integration by identifying, isolating and resolving areas of potential friction.
  • CX Program Measure: How to Create CX Cultures of Accountability This workshop is ideal for people and teams who want to understand how to measure the entire performance of their CX Programs. In this workshop, CX Pilots will walk through the process of defining the most relevant methods and techniques to create cultures of accountability and how to develop key performance metrics/KPIs/KRIs that help build program momentum.
  • CX Program Support: Developing CX Governance and Support Structures  This workshop is ideal for those who remain accountable for sustaining the long-term success of Customer Experience inside any organization. This workshop is unique in that it welcomes a cross-mixture of executives and front-line employees together in one workshop that builds unity both from the top-down and the bottom-up to support the ongoing success of Organizational CX Programs.


Additionally, The Institute offers Customized Training Programs. All organizations are unique and have specific challenges. That is why CX Pilots also creates fully customized workshop programs. If your organization has specific challenges (geographical, complex buying/selling relationships, distributed channel/partnership issues) it hasn’t mastered, contact us to start a dialog about how we may be able to customize a workshop/training program to fit your needs perfectly.