Our Process

Getting Rid of the Bottlenecks

CX Pilots follows a fairly unconventional process because if the last few decades has taught us anything, it’s that process can often become the bottleneck. Put another way, we believe that organizational friction often masquerades as process. To that end, we create frameworks first then find lightweight paths to accomplish Customer Experience or Customer Experience Management (CX) / (CEM) goals. This is never done the same way twice for two different organizations.

Our Cadence

In lieu of process, CX Pilots tries to follow a cadence to help client organizations meet their objectives.

And that cadence looks like this:

  • Assess

  • Align Executives & Employees

  • Create CX Strategy

  • Develop Customer Research Cluster

  • Establish CX Design Approach

  • Build CX Center of Excellence & Design Governance

  • Develop Performance Measurement Capability

  • Communicate to Employees

Each of the eight elements in the CX Program cadence above are designed as individual “pilots” allowing our clients to focus on one, several or all elements as necessary.