Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping for Professional Services

There is “Customer” Journey Mapping and then there is “Client” Journey Mapping.  Client Journey Mapping is different in that it maps the interactions a professional firm has with its valuable, long-term clients. The challenge for Professional Services firms is that a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to journey mapping has been applied for too long, leaving firms no further along than when they started. Modern Client Journey Mapping for Professional Services is custom-tailored journey mapping that directly addressed the needs of accounting, AEC, management consultants, IT integrators, and other like firms. This session is designed to illustrate “action/outcome-oriented journey mapping that firms can use immediately in their marketing, business development, services innovation and ongoing client account management.
In this session we will teach participants what action/outcome-oriented journey mapping is, how to do it successfully and demonstrate how to use the mapping output to make the firm more successful as a result.   

If your firm is interested in this comprehensive, three-day immersive journey mapping workshop, please contact us for the specific details.

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Day 1


MODULE 1: Customer Journey Mapping Introduction (120 minutes)

Learn what customer journey maps (CJM) are and when to use them.

  • Introduction to what CJM can help accomplish
  • Difference between CJM and outcome oriented CJM
  • Outside-In thinking vs. Inside-Out thinking
  • Product vs. Service journey maps
  • Setting appropriate goals with CJM
  • Identifying the right CJM opportunities


BREAK (15 minutes)


MODULE 2: Customer Journey Mapping Foundations Part 1 (90 minutes)

Learn the basic foundations for creating successful journey maps.

  • Setting the right expectations
  • Method selection: paper (post-it) vs. digital (google docs) mapping
  • Useful CJM materials and CJM technologies
  • Importance of using customer segments in CJM
  • Establishing scenarios (current state vs. future state)
  • Creating Personas for CJM


LUNCH (60 minutes)


MODULE 3: Customer Journey Mapping Foundations Part 2 (120 minutes)

Learn the basic foundations for creating successful journey maps.

  • Defining the right journeys (how many should be mapped?)
  • Defining touchpoints and interactions
  • Considering channels in the CJM process
  • Laying out the optimal mapping environment
  • Understanding customer empathy (think, feel, do / need, want, expect)
  • B2C vs. B2B customers and how to manage complexity with multiple decision-makers
  • How to effectively invite customers to participate in your CJM


BREAK (15 minutes)


MODULE 4: Leveraging the Right Internal Assets for Customer Journey Mapping (90 minutes)

The role of internal teams and customer data to optimize Customer Journey Mapping success.

  • Inviting multiple areas of the business (diversity of perspectives) to help with mapping, setting shared outcome objectives
  • Finding and using existing CRM data to help fortify mapping
  • How to us existing customer-support data to improve CJM
  • CJM Start Checklist: Pulling all CJM foundations together, know when you’re ready to start



Day 2


MODULE 5: Customer Journey Mapping Process Part 1 (120 minutes)

Learn how to create successful journey maps.

  • Getting started: establishing guidelines (e.g.: current vs. future state, scenario, persona)
  • How to build consensus on journey phases to be mapped
  • Identifying key moments that matter (moments of truth)
  • The role of CX Governance in making ongoing CJM a reality


BREAK (15 minutes)


MODULE 6: Customer Journey Mapping Process Part 2 (120 minutes)

Learn how to create successful journey maps.

  • Key process differences in mapping service journeys vs. product journeys
  • Key process differences in mapping volumetric (low-value, high-volume) vs. relationship (high-value, low volume) journeys
  • Understanding transition volatility (what customers think/feel/do between journey phases)


LUNCH (60 minutes)


MODULE 7: Mapping Volumetric B2C Customer Journeys (120 minutes)

How to understand the difference in B2B customer journey maps and B2C customer journey maps.

  • Mapping a real B2C volumetric (low-value, high-volume) journey


BREAK (15 minutes)


MODULE 8: Mapping Relationships in B2B Customer Journeys (120 minutes)

How to map B2B customer journeys.

  • Mapping a real B2B relationship (high-value, low volume) journey



Day 3


MODULE 9: Isolating Journey Friction (120 minutes)

Learn how to successfully identify points of journey friction in customer journey maps.

  • What is friction in CJM?
  • Distinguishing between journey friction and interaction friction
  • How to spot and prioritize points of journey friction


BREAK (15 minutes)


MODULE 10: Isolating Journey Innovation Opportunities (120 minutes)

Learn process to identify journey innovation opportunities in customer journey maps.

  • What is a journey innovation opportunity in CJM?
  • How to spot and weigh relative journey innovation opportunities


LUNCH (60 minutes)


MODULE 11: Communicating CJM Outcomes (120 minutes)

Learn how to successfully communicate Customer Journey Mapping outcomes to the organization.

  • How to synthesize the results of journey maps for greatest impact
  • Tricks and tips to visually communicate outcome-oriented maps
  • Leading CJM practices from how the world’s best companies communicate their customer journey maps


BREAK (15 minutes)

MODULE 12: Acting on Customer Journey Mapping Outcomes (90 minutes)

Learn how to successfully stimulate desired actions based on customer journey maps.

  • What we want people and teams to do with our maps
  • What we want executives (management and leadership) to do as a result of our maps
  • Using mapping outcomes to facilitate cross-team collaboration and planning
  • Prioritizing outcomes from CJM to continually improve the customer’s experience and create value for the organization
  • Tying CJM to ROI to help fund future CJM efforts



Customer Journey Mapping Instructor Bio:

Steven Keith is the founder of CX Pilots, a US-based customer experience (CX) consultancy. He has advised companies like Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Google, IBM, GE, Kohler, Morgan Stanley and the world’s largest architects, engineering firms and construction firms, on how to orient their operations toward clients, customers and employees to improve professional relationship performance.

He works with accounting, AEC, insurance, banking, manufacturing, tech and professional services organizations to help them better understand their most powerful assets—people (employees and customers).

Steven and his company have aggressively innovated the traditional customer journey mapping process to make it significantly more effective for professional services firms by focusing on the action-oriented outcomes of journey mapping.