The Benefits and Advantages of Setting Up A
Customer Experience Center of Excellence

CX Centers of Excellence help companies increase customer-centricity and customer success across business units/silos, and regions. We’ve designed and integrated many of them into companies of all types and sizes.

CX Centers of Excellence
Improve Company Performance

A Customer Experience Center of Excellence helps companies consolidate performance measures. Dashboards should show everyone how well the holistic organization is doing. Effective CX CoEs can reveal roles-based (executives, middle managers, CX leaders, analysts, and service reps) metrics about how well the Center is meeting specific customer goals.

When your Customer Experience Center of Excellence is established, you can begin to regularly schedule workshops and training to bring everyone up to the same level of customer knowledge and service excellence. This helps build knowledge and engagement in a steady and predictable cadence that you can manage.

A powerful CX Center of Excellence helps the whole organization increase their customer-centricity. They do this by giving them the data they need, when they need it, to understand their customers better.

Once your Customer Experience Center of Excellence is set-up, everyone across the company will know where to go to get the information they need to do their part in raising the company's overall CX quotient. Whether they're in Marketing, Operations or Product Development; in Detroit, Munich or Dubai; they will know where to go to find new CX process protocols, metrics, and where to find customer data. This is where you share new customer support methods the call center is using to increase customer success.

Additional Benefits of a CX Center of Excellence

Company Health

A CX Center of Excellence shields companies against the maladies that come with not knowing who the customer really is or knowing how to make them successful.


A CX Center of Excellence can help take the guesswork out of where to find specific assets to help the company increase its level of customer-centricity.

Shared Recipes

A CX Center of Excellence can spread the successes of one area to all other areas of the business regardless of silo or geography. They allow employees to broadcast their key successes.

Unified Approaches to Design

A CX Center of Excellence can holistically unify a company's approach to experience design. They take standards and governance to the next level.

Shared Direction

A CX Center of Excellence can help lay down the direction the whole company is going so everyone knows precisely what's happening, when and to what extent.

Organization of Resources

A CX Center of Excellence can help keep everyone's work in one convenient location. When it comes to customer research and data, having it in one location beats the alternative, every time.