CX Governance Candidate Selection Framework

For most firms, getting the right balance of skills, influence and energy into your CX management program is a challenge. Powering up the customer success program requires the mix of talent and tools from different sources within the firm, Problem is, getting that right mix requires tapping on the shoulders of the busiest people. It happens in every firm.

SOLUTION: CX Governance Candidate Nomination. This framework helps firms build the right CX Governance team by using your firm’s democratic process.

This document helps you simply learn how to apply the smartest levels of diversity into the body that governs your CX progress. When we talk about diversity in this context, we are talking about horizontal diversity (across all relevant departments) and vertical diversity (from the CEO down to the front desk).

We hope you get value out of this framework. Contact us to learn more about how we help firms design and build successful governance around CX initiatives.

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