How we can help you, now.

If there is ever been a time to be an experience-led business, it is now.


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. – Mike Tyson


  • pulse/assess
  • support
  • stabilize

  • pulse/assess
  • support
  • stabilize

  • pivot to sales
  • CX + Marketing
  • cost savings
Solving for Employees, Customers and Revenue—tackling what lies ahead, together.

We are witnessing amazing resilience in the face of uncertainty lately. Many companies are taking smart steps to make sure they are showing up for their employees when the rules of engagement feel very different.


Together, we can help you do everything it takes to keep employees close, connected and cared for. Take control today to ensure continuity.

Employee Pulse Assessment

How are all employees doing right now? Not likely as well as you’re being told or how well you may think. Quickly build and administer an Employee Pulse Assessment to see precisely where everyone’s mind is, now. Ask specific questions and survey for thoughtful innovations, pull the data in, make adjustments to refine communications and processes.

Training Leaders to Support Employees

It happens in every organization. Some leaders lead while others simply manage. Let’s be fair—no one got a user’s manual for how to lead through a pandemic. The key is “applied empathy.” We conduct leadership support programs that are simple, straight-forward and offered on a subscription or pay-as-you go model. We provide clear guidance for leaders who need to skill-up quickly to support employees under these new circumstances.

Employee/Teams Stability

The connections between customers/clients and employees is what sustains the company—that’s it. It’s the most critical bond. And things may feel tenuous at best for employees trying to juggle work, homeschooling, shifting schedules and space to think while still maintaining those critical bonds that sustain your business. We provide training for company’s leadership and employees to develop consistency and resiliency to stabilize and protect these most important bonds.

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Like the rest of us, customers’ worlds are also turned upside down. Most work hard to minimize the disruptions to maintain status quo. In reality, they are thinking through decisions (affecting your relationships) with a lot more rigor and trepidation. We are here to help you manage the potential disruptions in key customer relationships. We help companies observe, orient, decide and act (OODA process) to ensure relationship strength and continuity when it matters most.

Customer Pulse Assessment

Understanding customer confidence is absolutely critical right now. What is on your customer’s mind right now regarding their relationship with your company? We’re witnessing a lot of decade-strong client relationships end abruptly. In most cases, empathetically articulated communications and a plan to pivot or adjust would have saved the relationship. We help companies inventory their relationship assets and structure practices to preserve hard-eared customers in times of uncertainty. We build and administer individually tailored assessments to know where your customers stand. We help companies learn where their customer’s minds are and find points of vulnerability to be addressed head-on. This way your customers know that you are there for them even if it means making concessions or adjustments to best suit their needs.

Training Employees to Engage and Support Customers

Consistently addressing the shifting needs of customers when things are in a state of change, is complicated for anyone—let alone an entire company. Developing evolved patterns of support to address customers with one organizational mindset takes some work. We help companies design consistency into their support efforts given this new normal. We help employees know how to best collect feedback regarding customers’ challenges and issues so the business can adapt accordingly.

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Fighting for and protecting revenue is extra challenging right now. We see many companies getting very creative with new and adaptive ways to pivot, creating new revenue streams, protecting existing revenue streams and ensuring they are getting paid for the work under contract. In fact, most creative pivots are shifting the ways companies sell and contain costs. We help companies reimagine financial dimensions to build net new revenue streams, re-examine current sales and marketing approaches and reevaluate cost models to reinvigorate their businesses, right now.

Pivot to Sales

We train our clients to see sales as an act of service. Getting your solutions into your clients hands right now may not be top of mind—but it should be. As we see most companies recoil and halt their sales activities, we see long strings of negative outcomes chalked up to the pandemic. It doesn’t have to be this way. We help companies pivot to reorient their sales engines as acts of service in line with new customer’s expectations.

CX + Marketing

Experience-led businesses are at a tremendous advantage today because they’ve been rewired to observe and orient based on a deeper knowledge of their customers, after which they’re able to decide and act with more empathy and meaningful connections. We help companies pivot their CX and Marketing units to work more fluidly together. The results are a far more sensitive marketing outreach that won’t disturb or offend customers.

Cost Savings

There are myriad ways to re-evaluate costs. We help companies delicately rethink costs of Marketing, Sales, IT, Operations, HR, Support. In the first quarter of 2020 we helped an insurance company put a plan in place to reduce their costs of Marketing and Sales by 21% by year end while increasing their employee engagement—all by shifting them into a customer journey based model that eliminated research redundancy.

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