Steven Keith

Steven Keith

CXPilots was founded by Steven Keith, a veteran in Customer Experience, Digital Strategy/Transformation, Change Management and Content Marketing Operations. Steven has spent two decades designing major axis-shifts inside many large organizations and transforming their strategy, direction, team design, processes, technologies and performance management programs to yield powerful employee and customer centricity. This background has been a pivotal factor in helping organizations know why Customer Experience Programs are mission critical, what to do to create one, how to get it funded, how to get it off the ground and how to assure its sustainability.

CXPilots Bo Brock

Bo Brock

Bo Brock helps organizations understand, develop, and use modern business capabilities like customer-centered design, data-driven business analysis, and innovation management. His methods are effective at any stage of a product or business—always starting with understanding what both the customer and the organization are trying to accomplish—and he collaborates as easily with front-line employees as C-suite executives.

Bo has experience in many markets (including education, financial services, media, and telecommunications) as a management advisor, new product developer, market research analyst, consumer researcher, product manager, marketer, and writer. He attended Northwestern University (BA) and the University of Chicago (MBA), and is certified as a Usability Analyst (CUA) and an Experience Analyst (CXA).


Jamie Spreitzer

Jamie Spreitzer, M.A. is an organizational leadership expert with outstanding qualifications and experience in all phases of organizational success. She is a skillful communicator with impeccable standards and a proficient understanding of human behavior within organizations.  She studied education at the University of Iowa; linguistics and business management at University of California at Berkeley; and she holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

She is a full life-cycle business transformation leadership strategist and cultural change initiative expert; from visioning sessions through the implementation and measurement of organizational change strategies. She is a consensus builder in diverse organizations through proven creative and inventive methods that connect people to strategy.