Industry: Financial Services

CX Pilots has advised 22 of the nation’s 50 largest financial services companies. In fact, our experience in the banking sector is our deepest focus area by far.


Banks, credit unions and other financial services companies come to CX Pilots for our background and experience in the vertical plus our depth of applied knowledge and resources in CX and EX.


We understand how the future of customer relationships with banks and banking is evolving.  We understand how CX needs to play a role in that transformation and how to approach it to be most successful.



  • Leadership summits, strategy retreats, executive briefing
  • CX Foundations workshops for executive leadership, managers and employees
  • CX strategy and CX/EX transformation planning/roadmap
  • CX readiness and maturity models and assessment
  • Customer feedback program strategy
  • Quantitative customer interviews with summary analysis
  • Customer journey/interaction mapping
  • Customer persona and segmentation
  • Customer lifetime value measurement for CX
  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Executive CX charter
  • Staff Workflow Innovation Management (S.W.I.M.)
  • Insight development strategy
  • Harmonize offline/online CX strategy
  • Document CX transformation
  • Employee engagement program development
  • Banking service design innovation
  • Internal/external CX brand/communications
  • Measurement/metrics strategy
  • New employee onboarding
  • New customer/client onboarding



  • CX Executive-in-Residence program
  • CX vision, values and purpose
  • Outside-In and Inside-Out Foundations workshop for executives and leaders
  • CX maturity and readiness assessment
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • CX proof of value (value planning) and proof of concept (program prototyping) development
  • Customer persona and segmentation


Financial Services Company Case Study



  • Help national financial services company enhance leadership understanding of CX as a competitive lever and how to deploy tenets of CX to engage broad employee base. Develop customer experience strategy, team/organization design, orchestrate technology/platform strategy to begin competing on the basis of experience. Help mature internal performance measurement plan, employee engagement program, cultural embedment plan and internal/external communications plans.



  • Worked with company to develop CX management and training program for executive leadership.
  • Conducted 15 dimensions of CX training with VPs and managers.
  • Developed CX value planning workshop series with CFO and finance teams.
  • Refined the company’s unique point of view on CX along with CX vision, and purpose statement.
  • Developed company’s CX strategy and roadmap to gain broad consensus and adoption.
  • Performed comprehensive CX Readiness Assessment to establish CX maturity baseline and growth objectives.
  • Facilitated company-wide Customer Empathy Training using CX Pilots’ Financial Services Customer Interaction Checklist methodology.
  • Re-oriented company’s customer segmentation around Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Integrated CX with company’s brand marketing and corporate communications teams.
  • Developed and helped deploy employee engagement program.
  • Developed CX Governance to sustain momentum around the member experience.
  • Facilitated deep customer journey mapping and interaction mapping to isolate points of friction and service innovation opportunities.
  • Using IBM Watson business intelligence tools, helped company with Win/Develop/Keep/Shed model to improve new member ‘mixture’ segmentation pursuits.
  • Redefined company leadership and employee roles, responsibilities and accountability around CX.
  • Applied CX Pilots’ S.W.I.M. (Staff Workflow Innovation Management) methodology to help company reallocate human resources around priority areas to improve employee and customer experience, and deepen employee engagement—positively impacting performance.
  • Reinvigorated company’s Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback approach beyond NPS to more comprehensive systematic approach.



  • Increased employee engagement by 22%
  • Increased customer retention by 12%
  • Repositioned company as an Experience-led business
  • Increased overall employee and member empathy capabilities/skillsets for all leadership and member-facing employees
  • Re-allocated unattributable marketing spend to new CX attribution model to track ROI.
  • Reduced overall cost of marketing by 15% in first year
  • Improved new employee onboarding process significantly