Industry: Insurance

CX Pilots has diverse experience working with insurance providers. For nearly two decades, we have been supporting one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies in a broad capacity. We also serve as the CX consultancy of record for two national insurance companies providing ongoing CX strategy and advisory, program execution and support.


We understand the notion that member (premium-payer) experience is different and the strategies to boost perceived value require a unique approach. In many cases, we have been called on to help insurance companies develop new CX strategies for product portfolios that include ‘obligatory compliance’ products—which requires a vastly different methodology.



  • Leadership summits, strategy retreats, executive briefing
  • CX Foundations workshops for executive leadership, managers and employees
  • CX strategy and CX/EX transformation roadmap
  • CX readiness and maturity assessment
  • Customer feedback program strategy
  • Quantitative customer interviews with summary analysis
  • Outcome-oriented member journey/interaction mapping
  • Member persona and segmentation
  • Member lifetime value measurement
  • Define desired member universe (Ideal Member Profile)
  • Executive CX charter
  • Staff Workflow Innovation Management (S.W.I.M.)
  • Insight development strategy
  • Quote conversion experience strategy
  • Employee engagement program strategy and development
  • Service design innovation
  • Internal/external CX brand/communications alignment
  • Measurement/metrics strategy
  • Sales & marketing CX alignment



  • CX vision, values and purpose definition
  • Outside-In and Inside-Out Foundations workshop for executives and leaders
  • CX maturity models and readiness assessment
  • Member/Customer Journey Mapping
  • CX proof of values (value planning) and proof of concept (program prototyping) development


Insurance Company Case Study



  • Help national insurance company achieve leadership status via CX in a crowded and competitive environment. Develop customer experience strategy, team design, technology/platform strategy to begin competing on the basis of experience. Help develop internal performance measurement plan, employee engagement program, cultural embedment plan and internal/external communications plans.



  • Worked with company to develop CX management and training program.
  • Developed the company’s unique point of view on CX along with CX vision, and purpose statement.
  • Developed company’s CX strategy and roadmap to gain broad understanding and adoption.
  • Performed comprehensive CX Readiness Assessment to establish CX maturity baseline and growth objectives.
  • Facilitated firm-wide collaboration on formulation of Ideal Member Profile (IMP) on the B2B side, and innovative pursuit/proposal/interview/bid approach to win more IMP business.
  • Facilitated company-wide Member Empathy Training using CX Pilots’ Insurance Member Interaction Checklist methodology.
  • Re-oriented company’s member segmentation around Member Lifetime Value (MLV).
  • Re-oriented company’s B2B (large group) sales and brand marketing.
  • Developed employee engagement program
  • Harmonized employee recruitment and business development methodologies into unified onboarding approach.
  • Developed CX Governance to sustain momentum around the member experience.
  • Facilitated deep member journey mapping and interaction mapping to isolate points of friction and service innovation opportunities.
  • Using IBM Watson business intelligence tools, helped company with Win/Develop/Keep/Shed model to improve new member ‘mixture’ segmentation pursuits.
  • Redefined company leadership and employee roles, responsibilities and accountability around CX.
  • Applied CX Pilots’ S.W.I.M. (Staff Workflow Innovation Management) methodology to help company reallocate human resources around priority areas to improve employee and member experience, and deepen employee engagement—positively impacting performance.
  • Reinvigorated company’s Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback approach beyond NPS to more comprehensive systematic approach.



  • Increased employee engagement by 38%
  • Increased large-group sales output by 12%
  • Repositioned company as an Experience-led business
  • Increased overall employee and member empathy capabilities/skillsets for all leadership and member-facing employees
  • Reduced cost of member acquisition by 18%
  • Reduced overall cost of marketing by 15%
  • Created a market share growth attribution model and delivered it via executive dashboard