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Leading Your Firm’s CX Governance

CX Governance should be set up to operate as the nerve center of your firm’s Client Experience program. This white paper helps firms understand what CX Governance is, how to set it up and what to expect in the process.

This document helps you understand how to set up a client success/CX Governance team, or cohort. We share virtually every aspects involved in establishing accountability structures that make client success or CX management successful.

Every firm’s success depends on how well it listens, understands, and responds both externally to its clients and internally to its employees. But how does a firm do that both systematically and consistently in a digital world where hundreds, if not thousands of people believe they already know what they’re doing?

Feedback can come from hundreds of different sources—and virtually anyone in the firm can reach out to their client whenever and however they choose? The answer is a strong, effective governance framework that defines unified, best CX practices for your entire firm and then applies them consistently across every department, business unit, and region across your enterprise.

CX governance uses a deliberate, structured approach to help:

  • Develop and apply consistent best practices in sustainable client success/experience management governance across the entire firm
  • Mitigate the risks of isolated, ad-hoc CX and underutilized feedback
  • Take advantage of reliable benchmarks to accurately measure your CX progress across the entire firm
  • Build a strong foundation that translates CX investments into measurable business results more effectively
  • Keeps each part of the CX ‘machine’ accountable to the goals/objectives
  • Provides clarity on who, how, what, when, and why everything is done

We hope you get value out of this eBook. Contact us to learn how we can help your firm can accomplish X firm status.

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