Industry: Legal Firms

CX (Client Experience) in legal firms is different. If your legal firm is looking into CX, we can confidently say—congratulations, you’re already on the leading edge.


CX Pilots helps legal firms become more competitive through client-centricity. In a nutshell, we do this by zeroing in on critical moments of truth that impact the staff/lawyer/client relationship over the long term. We do this through a collaborative methodology to map discreet interactions that can adversely impact the course of a professional relationship. These methodologies help lawyers pinpoint underdeveloped service innovation opportunities and overlooked areas of service-delivery friction. These tools and methodologies help to embed deeper awareness of the tensions that exist between client expectations and client experience. This creates consistency in client experience planning and delivery, unified across the entire firm. It also leads to increased competitiveness that legal firms can use to differentiate.


The outcomes and deliverables are produced in the form of assessments, training, immersive workshops, client interaction maps (client experience journey maps) and analyses that are embedded into workflows and client facing staff processes.


At the heart of our work with legal firms is a framework that raises the firm’s collective awareness. We help firms journey map client expectations and support teams in unifying service approaches to improve relationship experience, quality, and duration.



  1. We believe the conventional CX being driven into firms is underwhelming and not focused on outcomes—we have created a better way to execute CX.
  2. We are a client experience research laboratory in addition to a consultancy, which means we are design thinkers who help firms innovate through the way they interact with employees and clients while eliminating service-delivery blind spots.
  3. We help firms innovate around the experiences their clients, lawyers and staff have with the firm. We help firms  implement those key innovations in ways law firms can benefit immediately.
  4. We understand the pressure associated with remaining competitive in the legal space and the role that client experience will play in distinguishing firm leaders from laggards in the future.
  5. We are 100% focused on professional services firms with very high-value relationships. We are the premier consultancy for full-life-cycle Client Experience transformation in professional services.
  6. We are the answer to: “Okay, so now we have client feedback, now what do we do with it?” It’s critical to gather feedback. Many firms deal with the creation and implementation of feedback tools, detailed methodologies for obtaining feedback through the use of software programs and personal client interviews. We go beyond, helping the firm take the critical next steps with feedback.  Our approach has the flexibility to meet clients wherever they are on their client experience journey.



  • Outside-In and Inside-Out Foundations Workshop for Legal Firm Leaders (the legal industry’s most comprehensive primer for CX)
  • CX Readiness Assessment
  • Client Journey Mapping
  • Attorney/Staff/Culture Engagement Assessment
  • CX Charter for Legal Firms (internal rallying cry for CX)
Law firms



  • Client-Centric (CX) Immersion via Leadership Summits, Strategy Retreats, Executive Briefings
  • CX Foundations workshops for legal firm leadership and staff
  • CX Strategy and roadmap development for legal firms
  • CX Readiness Assessment (industry’s most comprehensive CX maturity assessment)
  • Client Feedback Strategy (methodologies to close more feedback loops)
  • Client Journey/Interaction Mapping (view every firm interaction under a microscope)
  • Client Persona and Segmentation
  • Client Lifetime Value (prioritize your CX investments based on relationship value)
  • Staff/Attorney Engagement Programs
  • Firm Culture Enhancement Programs
  • Competitive Service Design Innovation
  • Internal/External CX Brand/Communications
  • Measurement/Metrics Strategy
  • Content/Thought Leadership Strategies around CX for legal firm marketers
  • Business Development & Brand Marketing CX Alignment for legal firm marketers