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Reclaiming Authentic Relationships

by Sarah Wechsberg

Hi there, I’m Sarah and I wish to share a philosophy we hold here at CX Pilots and I welcome the opportunity to connect if this resonates with you.

We started CX Pilots because we believe businesses have drifted away from having more real, authentic connections with people, customers and employees. We believe it is this disconnection that has led to lower revenue growth due to unhappy customers that leave for competitor businesses and this disconnection has has led to many disengaged employees with low morale and low productivity. We believe this problem is rampant among businesses but there is a solution.

“We believe businesses have drifted away from having more real, authentic connections with people, customers and employees.”

Do you remember or have you heard of the days when you walked into a business and the sales-person/owner knew your name, your kids’ names and they took the time to connect with you as a person?

Over the past three to four decades, communities have grown and become increasingly more global and businesses have met that global growth but at the same time they have lost the local and personal connection. It’s unlikely that your preferred businesses know your kids’ names.

Marketing has become a way for businesses to maximize perceived relevance but in doing so, they’ve surrendered authenticity.

Businesses have been more focused on themselves, their products and services and how these can sell to the median audience. They’ve lost the personal touch and they’ve lost that authentic connection with people. What does this impact look like to a company? A CEI survey found that 86% of customers will pay more for better customer experience and only 1% of them feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. Customer loyalty is down and customers will put their money where their experience is most satisfying and enjoyable.

Sometimes I want to scream, “Please put down the script and talk to me as a person.”

In the name of “efficiency,” businesses automate as much as they can and have stopped talking and connecting with people. Sometimes I want to scream to the customer services person on the phone with me, “Please put down your script and just talk with me as a person!”
Customers are looking for a real person on the other end, not a predicable response. Yes, customers want businesses to help them but a genuine empathetic dialogue goes a long way, reducing frustration, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Additionally, employees are disengaged at incredibly high rates. According to a recent Gallup poll, more than 70 percent of employees in America are either actively or passively disengaged from their work. This lack of buy-in and job satisfaction leads to low productivity costing millions in lost revenue for businesses and the overall economy.

Employee engagement and customer experience are connected. Customers know when employees are not engaged because customer experience they’re having through the employee is typically unsatisfying.

Think of a time when you’re at a restaurant and it appears that your server could care less about bringing you water or think of when you call your insurance company about a lack of coverage and customer service responds to your concern with a scripted message that leaves you feeling unheard, unsatisfied and frustrated. Those are both failures in customer experience and could be improved by increasing employee engagement. How differently would it be if the customer service employee was trained to listen, to have empathy and try to help in any way they can? And what if they were valued by their management and rewarded for handling challenging situations?

In 100% of the cases, there are business efficiencies put in place to maximize something that inadvertently places distance between people. What we at CX Pilots have struck upon is an approach to look at the whole system and reduce the friction between businesses and people. It’s often hard to see when you’re inside the organization and you take what is given to sell and it’s convoluted and heavy in process. It can feel like an unbearable proposition to make meaningful connections but doesn’t have to be that way. We know how to get businesses out of their own way.

There is a way to reclaim authentic connections with customers and employees and still scale business. It requires a new approach of laying foundations and working with people and their systems in a way that process, data and technology cannot alone solve. Reclaiming authentic connections and shifting these problem toward a positive direction requires a modular approach that values people first, that builds buy-in, strategically, that enhances communication and leads to quick wins with customers and employees.

CX Pilots is a group with a specific range of superpowers. We understand the gaps between company and customers and we know how to remedy the disconnection. Our power source is knowing how good it feels to better connect and empower people and how to eliminate the friction that keeps people from connecting with each other.

We want to put real and authentic relationships back into the center and we welcome connecting with you.

“Reclaiming authentic connections and shifting these problem toward a positive direction requires a modular approach…”

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