CX Officer's Handbook

Chief Customer Experience Officer’s Handbook

We interviewed 33 CXOs and CX leaders in several different industries, from companies large and small, and what we found surprised us. We then took our findings and incorporated them into this Chief Customer Experience Officer’s Handbook. In it you’ll find a lot of resources, tools and ideas that CX leaders have learned from years of surviving in the corporate trenches, attending conferences, collaborating with others and lots of trial and error.

We focused on listening intensely to these veterans to see what secrets, or magic they had discovered that works in making CX and CEM (Customer Experience Management) a fully-integrated and successful part of their organizations.

A few things that you will discover in this ebook:

  • A map of executive decisions around CX where you’ll see that the value of Customer Experience decisions are the product of decision value, consensus and the distance of the decision from the customer
  • How CX leaders tend to view the world
  • Emerging gaps in CX program management
  • The benefits and advantages of a CX Center of Excellence
  • How CEOs can address the needs of CX leaders and how they’re beginning to change the way they look at CX
  • CX’s relationship to enterprise innovation
  • Emerging infrastructure patterns that are beginning to enable CX leaders
  • A modern CXO/CX leader’s To Do list and how those have changed in the past few years
  • 5 steps to reset the CX function in any company which are:
    1. How to reset the CX Agenda in your company
    2. How to reset your 100 day plan
    3. How to reset the company’s CX nucleus
    4. How to reset the company’s CX focus areas
    5. How to reset the company’s metrics and performance management approach

We hope that you get value out of this ebook. Please drop us a note share your feedback.

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