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What if Customer Experience was…just customer experience?

by Steven Keith

What if we were to entertain the notion that working on or managing your organization’s customer experience (CX) was totally nonlinear, completely asynchronous and more of an essence or state of mind than an applied set of tasks completed by a specific group of people with CX pedigrees and tightly defined CX-related job descriptions? What if it became everyone’s job?

What if we momentarily suppressed our commonly-held beliefs that CX is something we turn on like a switch once we’ve graduated to a certain CX maturity level or once we’ve mastered the ability to measure it in total? What if we just started small today and agreed that it was a process that keeps returning value when people get behind it?

What if CX is instead more like a source of light, and not a source of duty? What if we all shared the same ideas about the spirit of CX and we all understood that it was through shared accountabilities in a silo-free and boundary-free arrangement that we all find the right things to do right? What if these things didn’t need to be explained and incentivized?

What if we looked at CX more as an opportunity that we all get to do and less as a responsibility some of us have to do? What if it was a privilege and not a burden?

What if we stopped thinking about designing customer experiences (which I believe is, by its nature, impossible to do) and started thinking about ways to simplify interactions and adding more value to both the customers and the employees who want them to be successful?

What if we didn’t have to waste time legislating for CX budget and needing to illustrate the value of doing the right things right to the funding executives and instead they met us half way with a completely shared understanding of why the right things to do are the actually the right things to do?

What if we didn’t have to fight for more resources to make our customers happier and more successful across all of our interactions and touchpoints? What if everyone knew revenue springs from the satisfaction of more, better customers who are enabled to do more, better business with us?

What if we realized that the battle of the business strategies was actually driving more crippling complexity into our organization and there was just one core strategy and it was to create more customers and make them happier? What if all other strategies subordinated that strategy?

What if executing on our organization’s CX strategy was embraced with the same fervor as college basketball or national politics? What if it felt more like a game we all enjoyed playing together and not a new and esoteric hobby of the few?

What if customer data was treated as precious currency and not another utility of burden? And what if we all were willing to strive to make great outcomes from that data through willing experimentation and not limited chances we could blow?

What if the few brave souls who’ve stood up willing to usher the march toward driving greater CX successes were given more latitude and top-level support and not treated like they’ve been given a few feet of rope to hang themselves?

What if we all stopped thinking CX is something we should think about;  what if we stopped thinking CX was something that is so difficult to accomplish and manage?

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