Service Design to Make People in the CX Role More Successful

CX Pilots is a Customer/Client Experience Management company working with professional services organizations struggling to connect client insights into action or change. We’re what happens when you combine change management, digital transformation and content marketing with customer experience. We’re customer retention experts who help organizations shift to become more customer-centric.

CXPilots Customer Experience Workshops

We offer workshops and design hands-on seminars to help our clients gain wide support for Client Experience (CX) and Client Success programs and to create cultures and methods of accountability.

CXPilots Customer Experience Program Evaluations

We design CX Program evaluations that help our clients to better understand how well their current CX programs are working and to pinpoint the areas where they most need to improve.

CXPilots Customer Experience Consulting

We custom-design simple, effective Client Experience Management Program strategies and program support options that yield Client Experience improvements, revenue growth, and deeper staff engagement.


Our philosophy is rooted in a few simple tenets.


We know that each organization has unique challenges. Our goal is to help each client to define program goals specific to their organization and to figure out the most pragmatic way to meet those goals.


Client Experience Programs often lead to changes in service delivery behavior and use of new data, systems and content. Knowing that up front helps organizations plan for, design and implement stronger solutions in fewer weeks.


It's not enough to create a smart diagnosis and prescription. We understand that it takes the right operational plans and coalitions inside the organization to execute a successful program.


Too often, these programs are incubated in the dark and released to the surprise of many who should have been involved at earlier stages. This is remedied with an internal content and communications strategy to increase engagement and support.


Employees have 80% of the front-line responsibility for making CX changes effective. We believe this is the most critical factor in making any program successful. Empowering employees will improve customer experience.


The most successful programs are always the simple ones. We start small, where the controls are more manageable. Only then do we carefully work to expand on our successes.

About Us
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Client Experience has changed the way companies do business; we’re changing the way companies do Client Experience. CX Pilots is a new voice and approach to client experience management born out of listening to CX Program leaders and managers across the globe. We address inefficient internal processes, tracking and reporting the right client experience metrics, and help CX leaders create alignment across internal teams who want to know their clients better while reducing risk and cost and quickly gain program momentum around the right priorities.

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