An experience-led business is an organization that has begun their journey to become customer-centric. They’ve committed time, people and resources to compete on the basis of their customer or client experience (CX). Experience-led businesses have actively defined their point of view on CX for their firms, mapping their unique point of view on client journeys and find productive ways to engage their employees and staff deeper into the client’s experience. This is critical for CX (Client Experience) in Professional Services in 2020.

You get what you design for-what are you designed for?


Evolving Relevance







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Why Do Firms Engage CX Pilots?

Top Ten Reasons


DIFFERENTIATION: ensure systematically better client interactions to increase experience-based competitiveness


REVENUE: improve their bottom line by improving their client relationships


SERVICE REDESIGN: identify and manage service delivery innovation opportunities along client journeys


CLIENT JOURNEY MAPPING: map client interactions and journeys for key client segments


IMPROVE CX SKILLS: improve skill sets, learn about emerging trends, train leadership and teams about CX


EMPATHY TRAINING: learn how to harmonize partnerships and to increase affinity


ACCOUNTABILITY DESIGN: modernize roles, responsibilities and accountability around experience delivery


MEASUREMENT: redefine measurement and metrics to reflect firm’s new experience-led approach


NPS: move from basic NPS ranking to systematic, loop-closing feedback-based methodologies to enhance outcomes like NPS


CULTURE ASSESSMENT: determine where the firm is currently on their path toward experience-based approaches

Partnership Style



we design and deliver experience-based workshops and training resources to increase skill sets and provide support for firms who are already self-sufficient



we operate as consulting advisors to define each firm’s unique, experience-led pathway working alongside leaders and teams through planned execution, support and governance models



we are in the firm’s office and become part of the team through successive three-month sprints to help accelerate experience-led business objectives and outcomes

High-Level Process

How We Co-Design Experience-Led Businesses

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We partnered with CX Pilots to deliver our company’s first robust set of personas and journey maps in order to gain deeper customer insights, drive a customer-centric culture and spur innovation leading to a differentiated customer experience. They listened to our goals and challenges and worked tirelessly to help us deliver a finished product that helps us to attain our goals. I would absolutely work with CX Pilots in the future and feel confident referring them to others. They have a deep knowledge of the B2B space, insurance experience, a drive to make their customer happy and are great, smart people to be around!”

-Erika Martin, Director, Customer Experience at Genworth Mortgage Insurance

With the development of a robust Client Experience program as our top strategic priority, we sought out the best possible partner to help us reach our goals. We found in CX Pilots a team that aligned with our values and had the resolve to maintain an aggressive pace. CX Pilots challenged us and evolved our wisdom, empathy and CX capabilities. They enabled us to build a customized toolbox we could take forward and put into action with immediate results.

-Tim Schroeder, President, Neumann Monson Architects

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