At its simplest, CX Pilots is a CX consulting and service design firm helping professional services companies innovate to retain more valuable relationships. Our services are designed and organized to help complex organizations better understand their clients so they can serve them more competitively.

Understanding Your Clients

Once we understand what you are trying to accomplish, the next step is to learn about the experiential world of your clients. What are the [goals, blocks, enablers, needs, wants] driving their relationship with your firm?

  • CX Listening labs are a primary method for learning about your clients. The Labs are a structure series of individual or small-group interviews with clients at ease in their own environment—often as they are working with your company. The purpose of this research is to recreate a true-to-life client experience in order to uncover real insights about what they expect, need, and want from your company.
  • Client discovery is a secondary method of learning about your current or prospective clients. We help you understand them by researching, analyzing, and synthesizing dozens of public sources of information about them.
  • Our market research services help you understand both current and prospective markets. We design surveys and other primary research tools to learn from. We are also happy to work with any existing market data you have already gathered and integrate it with our own analysis.
  • Client Journey Mapping is a process of detailing the pathways your clients take with your firm and analysis of their feelings, expectations, and behaviors along that pathway. Effective client journey mapping sets the foundation for other work that helps isolate and address specific challenges in service delivery with a thoroughly outside-in perspective.
  • Competitive research can be an important step in discovering opportunities to retain existing clients and win new ones. What is the relative market position of your competitors? How do they promote themselves in new markets? What is their strategic approach to client experience? To answer questions like these, we use a combination of primary research and secondary data sources to build a detailed profile of top competitors.
  • We use several ethnographic research methods to discover client insights within their operating environment: construction sites, production facilities, office buildings, professional conferences, and more. This approach helps us understand the context around the behaviors and actions we see from clients as they do business with you.

Planning Your Strategy

No company exists in a vacuum and ‘best practices’ do not work as well for CX strategy as they do for execution. We will help your company’s leadership select your best approach from a range of best possibilities by carefully determining what you need to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it in the right order.

  • CX Strategy is the foundation-setting step that determines how you are going to use your resources to accomplish specific CX goals. We are experts in crafting new CX strategies or analyzing, re-engineering or accelerating old strategies to help our clients accomplish their priorities in ways that teams can execute effectively.
  • Once the CX Strategy is complete, we develop comprehensive CX Roadmaps that help people and teams know when and how to execute following a recommended cadence along strategic program horizons. Our roadmaps are generally posterized and hung up in our clients’ offices to help teams know what to expect, when to expect it and the order in which all projects and work falls into place.
  • CX Charters help assimilate your CX program approach into working cultures. They are part user’s manual and part momentum-builder. They define why CX is a strategic program, how the company is approaching it and the expectation ‘suggestion’ that everyone understand it and practice it as a part of their overall workflow.
  • Baseline Evaluations help organizations know the state of things at a given point in time so that measures can help assess growth moving forward. We design and conduct baseline evaluations using email surveys, in person interviews and focus groups to evaluate our baselines and then deliver analyses that help organizations know the state of things as a basis for establishing next steps.
  • Maturity Assessments are used to determine an organization’s level of progress along the maturity stages that make the most sense for your firm. Good maturity assessments measure how well your firm’s people and teams, processes, profits, technologies and core competencies meet the needs to allow growth to achieve your goals.
  • Internal/External Communications is a plan for how you keep your stakeholders informed and engaged. This is one of the most overlooked steps in CX programs—and when overlooked, why so many programs fail to meet their objectives. We develop strategic communications plans for internal and external audiences that ensure the right information about your firm’s CX program gets created, sent, read and executed.

Delivering Great Experiences

Even the most thoughtful research, analysis, and planning is worthless unless you can execute on it. CX Pilots focuses on what your organization can do:

  • Service Design Innovation is a structured, repeatable process we use (and teach) to help you improve client experience in ways that will measurably increase their satisfaction and your retention. We use a structured ideation methodology and develop the resulting service concepts through research, analysis, design, prototyping, and launch.
  • Implementing Metrics & Measurement instills accountability and performance awareness into your CX program. We develop simple yet effective measurement methods people can use to advance your CX program without the unnecessary bloat of overkill KPIs.
  • People, Process, Platform. We always start with your people, because they are the starting point for any client experience. To make their work repeatable and higher quality, we introduce rigorous processes. To make those processes scalable, we introduce platforms.
  • Roles, Responsibility, Accountability is a team design approach that helps a firm align people to the new work of CX. We develop modern roles, ranges of responsibility and shared accountability for CX programs. We make sure that people and teams are a part of the change they must adopt to increase the effectiveness of any necessary transformations.
  • We use a Process & Workflow Alignment method to help you understand how your current workflows will benefit from better integration with your client experience program management. We analyze and understand all your current processes and workflows, then integrate them all in a single flow that includes client activities. Then we go through a series of exercises to identify points of conflict and unnecessary friction.
  • To properly scale the processes involved, companies often need to research, evaluate, and choose new tools and technology platforms. CX Pilots can help you Scout Technology. CX Pilots is rigorously independent about which technologies are appropriate—we can work with almost anything—and we can make well-researched recommendations that will best deliver the experiences you’ve planned for, all within budget.

Training Your People

Many firms start their relationship with CX Pilots through training programs. Our training is hands-on, outcome-oriented and designed to help executives and leaders understand how to quickly gain the benefits of client experience programs. Our education and training programs fit into two categories:

  • custom-designed for each client and delivered on site, and
  • open-enrollment classes we’ve designed and offer to clients and the general public.

Learn more about our CX Workshops.

Communication and Governance

Through effective communications, governance and engagement, good customer experience management can become great. In fact, the difference between those CX and CEM programs that succeed and fail typically lie in how well they’ve been communicated and governed to engage the whole company. CX Pilots specializes in these services:

  • Governance of CX  is a structured, standardized and disciplined approach we use (and teach) to help you keep customer experience traction across the organization when multiple departments manage customer interactions. Our approach to governance helps everyone understand assigned responsibilities and cross-company accountabilities with simplicity and clarity.
  • Staff Engagement is about designing collective ambition and is a critical part of delivering great client experience. Without your team’s continuous participation and support, even well-designed efforts will encounter obstacles. We design our pilots to explicitly include as many staff members as feasible, and we also have pilots dedicated to measuring and expanding their engagement.
  • CX Centers of Excellence help organizations collect and distribute resources more effectively at a lower cost. CX CoE’s are ideal for organizations with a larger customer experience management program with multiple offices distributed across many offices where sharing critical recourses is sometimes difficult.